ECOROTE 2800 at the “Arctowski” Polish Antarctic Station

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ECOROTE 2800 at the “Arctowski” Polish Antarctic Station

Article from http://hipar.pl/ecorote-2800-na-polskiej-stacji-antarktycznej-arctowski/

We are proud of the successes!

We are pleased to inform you that our Ecorote 2800 wind turbine is successfully working at the Polish Antarctic Station named after H. Arctowski.

This is a huge reason for us to be proud because the variable and gusty winds in those regions cause difficult working conditions for this type of equipment. Despite this, it was installed in December 2015. Ecorote turbine is doing great.

Below a short photo report, as well as information about the Polish Arctowski Station and the specifics of the wind blowing there.

The Polish Antarctic Station named after Henryk Arctowski, commonly called “Arctowski”, is located in the southern hemisphere in the South Shetland Archipelago, on the island of King George, included with the entire archipelago in the Antarctic climate zone. This place is far from Poland for over 14 thousand. km. Logistic and substantive care over the “Arctowski” station is provided by the Antarctic Biology Department of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS.

Wind characteristics

The winds in the area of ​​the Station are characterized by considerable variability and gustiness. Typical are vortices (tornadoes with a diameter of several dozen meters) arising at the mouth of the Ezcurra Fjord, causing a very fast change of direction and speed from a few m / s before the onset of the vortex up to 30-50 m / s during its passage.

The average wind speed in the area of ​​the “Arctowski” station is 6.6 m / s. The strongest winds occur in spring (September – 7.4 m / s, October – 7.3 m / s) and in autumn (March – 6.9 m / s).

Very often (81 days a year) there are storm winds> 17 m / s near the station. There are also often hurricane winds (> 30 m / s), appearing each month, but most often in July and October. Maximum instantaneous wind speeds exceed 60 m / s (a record gust of 74 m / s was recorded in January 2008).

source: http://www.arctowski.pl/index.php?p=2

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