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Electric Bikes

We offer now a range of electric bikes from a renowned Polish company called Romet known around Europe.
You can be sure of a great price along with great durability without the need for any frequent servicing. Thanks to our bikes you can have the huge benefit of being in the fresh air for longer than you would be able to with a standard bike as the electric motor allows for much longer trips improving your health, and helping with weight loss along with your new diet.
You will be able to purchase the bikes with the bike to work scheme if this is applicable to you.
We would like to invite you to test out the bikes in our showroom in Duleek. Eircode A92 Y611 every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm, if you can not make it at this time we can schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment please call (+353) 876 883 900. Please take a look at our site for more details on our bikes.
By buying our bikes you are helping improve the environment by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses.


Electric Vehicles

Our company promotes and sells solutions that replace the old system of relying on combustion engines, which is costly and environmentally unfriendly, not to mention bad for human health. Petroleum has been one of the biggest modern problems so far. There have been military conflicts over it, and numerous instances of enormous tankers sinking, uncontrolled spills during drilling operations or damaged pipelines have lead to situations posing a legitimate threat to the quality of life of mankind as well as the entire ecosystem. Banks have spent billions of dollars on investments in infrastructure and systems of digging and distributing crude oil. This harmful system, where we are dependent on fossil fuels, needs to be changed. Now we can do it by using our solar panels, chargers and our electric vehicles. This independence could be on a micro or a macro scale. Every family farm can use their own electricity to meet their communication needs and maintain the household in terms of electric power with use of our panels and wind turbines of new generation. The installation costs might be returned after 5 years, and the lifetime of such setup is guaranteed to be at least 25 years long. That way we could limit the above mentioned threats to human life and health to the minimum.



Thermal comfort at lower temperature

On average, 1-4°C lower than when using a hydraulic system; every 1°C saves 8-10%

Control with accuracy up to 0.5°C

The very low inertia of the system has it that the control ensures additional savings of up to 20%.


Optimum humidity
Perfect comfort

System efficiency more than 99%

Virtually all energy supplied to the heating film is changed into heat.


Easy to control


Cheap project
Economical in use
Super efficient

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