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Fully-electric car concept has undergone years-longed process of research & development in Polish science world, but until the beginning of June 2018 no-one went beyond the theoretical phase.
Now the ideas come true and we are proud to present Elimen E-VN - the first Polish electric car for logistics!
The vehicle was unveiled during the 2nd International Energy and Environment Forum EKOZAKOPANE on June 5, 2018 and immediately aroused enormous interest of the media and business environment.


Fully configurable storage enclosure, individually designed to fit customer’s business requirements. Long range, up to 300 km, with extremely low cost covered of around 1.5 euro per 100 km, make E-VN an ideal choice for everyone - urban municipal companies, couriers and the agricultural industry. Currently works proceed on fullyautonomous version using roof mounted solar panels for charging main drive batteries.


  • Innovative side view camera system, rear view camera
  • side mirrors with LCD screens integrated with pillars
  • electric heating
  • pneumatic suspension integrated with the structure of the composite
    floorpan - guarantees high ride comfort and adjustable car height
    (in addition with removable container construction lets you to easily
    assembly appropriate containers)
  • GPS, on-board computer with telemetric system of battery condition
  • remote speed limit, remote vehicle diagnostics
  • navigation module based on Google Maps
  • on-board charger 2kW
  • BrushLess Direct-Current motor 14.9kW
  • cabin controlled locking differential
  • power system: lithium batteries 15kWh
  • 14” wheels
  • load volume > 4m3
  • maximum load capacity of 800kg
  • standard range 100km
  • 12v socket in the cabin


  • buffer electric heating - increasing vehicle range during winter time
  • WEBASTO heating fuelled by ON
  • air conditioning
  • fast external charger - 80% in 30 minutes
  • telemetric system
  • automatic roller blinds of the cargo space
  • incorporating of vehicle computer to the customer’s fleet management system
  • 230V socket to power the utensils up to 2kW
  • Batteries - up to 150 km range
  • Batteries - up to 300 km range
  • Fast external charger