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Commercial EV Chargers

The standalone EVBmax for AC and DC is a super-fast charging station for electric vehicles. It is intended for places where a short stop of up to 30 min is planned.

Home EV Chargers

The EVB Wallbox mini stations are small wall-mounted chargers intended for private or public use, equipped with one charging point. Depending on the requirements, the point can have the following power ratings: 3.7 kW; 7.4 kW; 11 kW; 22 kW; 43 kW.

Photovoltaic Carports EV Chargers

Photovoltaic Carports with Electric Vechicle Charger Station

EV Chargers Range

Unlimited design possibilities allow freedom in the selection of colours of the housing and graphics of each element of a station. You can order a dedicated station in their company colours and one covered with graphics of their company starting with 1 piece.

Vehicle charging stations

EVB is a series of innovative stations made by PRE Edward Biel that are intended for electric vehicle charging. Our stations are manufactured entirely in Poland and are an alternative to foreign manufacturers’ stations. Our stations are characterised by durability, 25 years of experience of our company and a safety guarantee of the equipment used thanks to the use of metal housings with protection class II.Responding to the growing interest in the e-mobility market, we present to you the family of Electric Vehicle Biel, i.e. EVB.

An electric motor instead of an petrol/diesel engine

Electric vehicles are environmentally-friendly as they do not emit any exhaust gases. Electric vehicles guarantee quiet and smooth driving, generating less vibration which significantly improves driving comfort.
Electric vehicles also have numerous mechanical advantages. They stand out with their uncomplicated design and achieve power train efficiency of up to 90%. Additionally, they make it possible to convert kinetic energy back into electricity – regenerative braking.

Innovative and modern devices

Classification by charging power:

  • normal power charging point – from 3.7 kW to 22 kW;
  • high power charging point – from 22 kW to 150 kW.

Classification by number of charging points and capabilities:

PRE Edward Biel manufactures chargers for charging with AC and DC current:

  • with one charging point (Wallbox mini);
  • with two charging points (Wallbox 2M, EVB, EVB smart, EVBmax);
  • with three charging points (EVB, EVB smart, EVBmax);
  • or with a larger number of points in one device at the Customer’s request;
  • with the outdoor advertising media function (EVB Advert);
  • for electric bus charging (EVB CT);
  • underground chargers (EVB UG).



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