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The EVB Advert AC charging station is a unique station with 2 charging points. Each charging point is equipped with a Type2 socket or a Type1 or Type2 plug with a cable up to 5 m long. Sockets with plugs may be used in any configuration.

The EVB Advert AC station has outdoor advertising media placeholders. The station has installed multimedia screens, from 55 to 75 inches, which are the electronic advertising space. The advertising space is located on both sides of the charger for electric cars so as to maximise the use of commercial space.

Installing the EVB Advert AC station in the public space, for example on crowded parking lots, busy streets, allows free and non-intrusive penetration of the advertising message to the consciousness of consumers who have a dozen or so minutes of free time while charging their electric car.

An advertising message placed in a central, public place is also noticeable by other potential recipients, for example passers-by. The EVB Advert station as a modular station still allows for upgrading with additional functions, including a WiFi point, which makes waiting time for a full charge of the car easier, or monitoring to ensure safety.

In addition, the construction of the entire station is made of high quality aluminium profiles. Elements of tempered glass are also installed, which is a great medium for any arrangements or largeformat advertising stickers. The casing is made of aluminium with colour varnish or plastic ensuring class II protection (REM2 technology), which guarantees safe use.

It features high quality, modern shape and freely customised design. It is possible to install the OSD meter inside the station without the need for an additional cabinet. Fast charging station. Standard point power capacity depends on the requirements and may range from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

The total maximum power capacity of the station is up to 88 kW. The station is easily operated using RFID cards, RFID Smart Control OS, a key, a code or a mobile phone application connecting the user to the station and the infrastructure operator’s system. The EVB Advert AC station is mounted on a previously embedded dedicated slab or concrete foundation. All parameters and equipment are custom selected.


The EVB maxAdvert DC station is intended for installation in public areas, eg gas stations, parking points on expressways and highways, streets, city car parks, overground car parks of commercial or trade facilities.


Enclosure design: steel, aluminium in class I or II protection (any colour). In the front and back part, tempered glass, 5-6 mm thick, permanently embedded, overprinted or covered with foil (any graphic design). The housing is mounted on an aluminium pedestal attached to a slab or concrete foundation.

Power supply: bottom, 6-95 mm²

Point charging power: 3,7 kW; 7,4 kW; 11 kW; 22 kW, 43 kW AC

Charging point connectors: up to 2 charging points, AC type-2 socket, plug with type-2 or type-1 AC plug, charging cable length up to 5 m, spiral or straight cable, locking the plug in the socket, automatic locking the plug in the socket.

Equipment: metering energy consumption at each charging point or billing measurement in the OSD standard, overvoltage, overcurrent, residual current protection, voltage isolation control, main switch, ventilation and heating.

Charging indication: LEDs (RGB) indicating the specific charging stages, information on the touch screen panel. Interface: 8 or 10 inch colour resistive touch screen with resolution up to 1280x800.

Access: open „connect and charge” - automatic start of charging, key, button, code, RFID cards, application, payment cards, fingerprint.

Communication: LAN/GPRS/3G/4G

Management platform: RFID Smart Control OS, OCPP 1.6 J-SON protocol with Aurora OS (mobile application, station management system). The station has access by providing API.

Multimedia: outdoor screen 55-75 inches (one-sided or two-sided), 4H UHD 3820x2160 with an advertising content management platform on the monitor, backlit citylight as an additional advertising medium.

Additional equipment: GPS locator, wide-angle security camera, WIFI access point, communication with 112, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, smog sensor.

Additional screen management system options: age and gender recognition, audience demographics analysis, advertising effectiveness, adapting messages to the recipient, measuring ad viewing times, recognising customer emotions, recognizing products, reporting the number of scans of specific products, integration option with age/gender recognition.

Accessories: FB concrete slab or FB concrete foundation, SO protective post, SP parking separator charging cables.

Services: PRE Edward Biel provides services in the areas of: selection of solutions and design of charging infrastructure, construction and installation, installation of charging stations, marking parking spaces, preparation of technical and acceptance documentation for UDT.


Cross section of the power supply cord - [mm2] - 6-120 mm2
Power supply type 3xL+N+PE
Network layout TN-S, TNC-S, TT
Rated switching voltage [V] (+/- 10%) 400
Rated insulation voltage [V] 500/690
Rated frequency [Hz] 50/60
Surge withstand voltage [kV] 8
Rated connection power [kW] 92
Rated connection current [A] 125
Specification of the charging point
Socket type Type-2, 230 V/16 A
Plug type Type-2, type-1
Charging cable length [m] 4,8-5
Voltage [V] 230/400
Nominal current of the charging point [A] AC up to 32
Nominal power of the charging point - [kW] AC - up to 22
Nominal power of the station [kW] AC up to 44, 88

Enclosure specification
Dimension (H x W x D) [mm] 2200/906/330
Material Steel, aluminium
Protection class I/II
IP/IK rating 54/10
Weight [kg] 500
Operating temperature [C] -30 to +55
Humidity [%] 95
Noise level [dB] <10
Installation 4 x fi10
PN-EN-61851-1_2011E; PN-EN-61851-22:2002;
PN-EN 61439-1:2011; PN-EN 61439-3:2012;
PN-EN 61439-5:2015; PN-EN 50274:2004;
PN-EN 62208:2006; PN-E 05163;
PN-EN 60695; PN-EN ISO 14040:2009;
PN-EN ISO 14044:2009; PN-EN 62196-1:2015-05;
PN-EN 62196-2:2017-06; ISO/IEC 14443;
ISO/IEC 15693; PN-EN 61000-6,
Technical drawing
Dimensions: tolerance +/- 5 mm

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