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Infrared Heating Mirror

By installing an infrared heating panel/mirror, you transfer small sun to your home. Just as the sun warms its rays with the earth by the emission of heat waves, so is the heat emitted by these types of panels. It reaches directly to the body, creating a pleasant feeling of soothing heat.

In addition, the long infrared indirect wave heats the air with frictional force in the entire room volume (thanks to the large heat wave spreading angles).

The most important, however, is the fact of returning heat to the room, which accumulates in the walls, floors, and ceilings. This intensifies the even temperature distribution in the rooms.

Thanks to this, we eliminate the feeling of “cold feet” and “hot head”. Hot walls remain dry all over the surface – this eliminates the problem of moisture.

It is worth mentioning that infrared heating mirrors only take for example 0.3kWh, and actually emits it all as a thermal power to the room.

A well-chosen panel should not turn on for more than 6 hours in total within 24 hours to keep the room temperature comfortable during cold days.

When the panel is not working, the walls give back heat to the room. We will also get rid of the discomfort associated with looking after the heating. The heating panels are fully maintenance-free thanks to the thermostat controls. It is also completely safe because the panels neither burn air nor emit any fumes.


The principle of operation of infrared heating panels


Energy efficiency

It is obtained thanks to the fact that the wall is dried and remains so. As a result, the heat transfer through the walls is reduced, and thus the heat demand is reduced. In addition, the temperature decrease by approx. 2 degrees (without a drop in the perceived thermal comfort) means – a smaller amount of heat transported through space, due to the smaller temperature difference inside and outside; – reduction of heat loss during air exchange (through stomata, fissures, grouts). When the temperature is reduced by 2 degrees, the energy saving is about 10%.

  • no need to separate the place for storing fuel, costs of transport and reloading
    unnecessary chimney, its maintenance, and periodic cleaning
  • no room for the stove and maintenance costs
  • operation without raising dust and causing air circulation (important for allergy sufferers)
  • long life
  • energy efficiency
  • no maintenance costs
  • no heat loss as is the case when it is transported by pipes from the furnace to the radiators
  • the purchase of an expensive furnace and its periodical maintenance, repairs and maintenance are eliminated
  • the maintenance costs of the transmission lines and the risk of leakage, leakage, and explosion fall off
  • easy assembly
  • saving space
  • elegance and functionality

Infrared Heating Mirror


The efficiency of almost 100% (heat is consumed in the place of its production), it does not create air layers (rising warm air, dropping cool), tailored to individual needs regulation.


Low energy consumption due to direct heat emission, lack of harmful emissions, lack of oxygen consumption and emission of exhaust gases.


Hygienic, no disturbing air draft, does not cause dust to rise, does not cause air to dry out, strengthens the immune system, soothes pleasant and healthy heat.

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