Plant & Save trees



Most texts on our website talk about new technologies and innovative solutions, renewable energy and modern systems making our life easier.This article will be different.

We would like it to be the beginning of an initiative which would bring nature and ourselves closer together.
Not everyone knows that up to relatively not that long ago Ireland was covered in forest, mainly two species - oak and pine, in 90% . After centuries of forest exploitation, during constant demand for timber in shipbuilding, iron, glass and barrel production, Ireland was left with 1% of forest cover at the beginning of 20th century.
The situation has been steadily improving and currently forests grow on 10.5-11% of the Irish soil, still, Ireland has the lowest forest cover in Europe, where the average is 30%.
This is the reason Eurecca has set its goal to stage-plant 1 million trees in Ireland. We have the know-how in planting and care taking of oak and pine trees and we know how easy it can be. This project would be a big Thank You to Ireland from all of the Polish community who have been settling here for the last 20 years.

Photovoltaic and trees

32 kWp photovoltaic installation PV (around 100 photovoltaic panels) in 25 years, will generate the same amount of energy as 1050 32-year-old trees burned in fireplaces.

That's another way how we save trees.

Help us plant new treesest!