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ECOROTE Wind Turbines Line is flagship product of Hipar sp. z o.o. . They produce turbines with power ratings from 300W to 9800W. 100% Polish products ECOROTE turbines have been developed by Hipar team of designers and constructors in close cooperation with the Rzeszow University of Technology’s flagship research institution specializing in Aviation.

A wind turbine allows for processing 71% (0.42 of Betz number) of wind energy into electricity. 98% of materials of which our products are made come from Polish manufacturers. Disc generator that converts the kinetic energy of wind into electricity has been developed so as not to have friction elements, by which it excludes maintenance. The blades of the turbine, thanks to the use of extruded aluminum profile of seamless monolith construction, are characterized by resistance to thermal expansion caused by heat. In addition, a white, sunlight reflecting paint, of C5+M resistance class is applied on the turbines. In addition, steel elements are galvanized and aluminum elements are anodized in order to ensure their effective corrosion protection.


  • Operation independent on the wind direction
  • Possibility to operate in On-Grid /Off-Grid/Hybrid systems
  • Simple installation at hotels, shops, blocks of flats, production halls and other buildings
  • High quality of the applied materials
  • No detrimental impact on the environment
  • Resistance to any weather conditions
  • Water heating
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Silent operation
  • Resistance to strong wind
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Low starting speed – approx. 1 m/s
  • Simple mechanical construction enabling failure-free operation
  • High strength
  • Service-free operation
  • Possible operation at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C
  • Durability
  • Absence of friction devices
  • No overhauls required
  • Polish engineering and manufacturing


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ECOROTE Wind Turbines Line is flagship product of Hipar sp. z o.o. . They produce turbines...


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