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Solar panels (PV) from Solar Bruk-Bet – The Power of Quality


Bruk-Bet® Solar always promote technologically advanced solutions. Bruk-Bet® Solar products are made using machines from the Swiss company Meyer Burger. Stringers, i.e. automatic soldering machines, which apply soldering tape to conductive bundles of cells (busbars), operate with extreme precision. Their maximum deviation in relation to the busbar bundles is 0.4 mm. In addition, the use of five conductive bundles reduces current losses, which in the result increases the efficiency of entire modules. The three-chamber laminator guarantees the stability of the lamination process and its appropriate length. Properly reacted (cross-linked) EVA foil ensures complete air-tightening of electrical components during the use of photovoltaic modules.


Quality is the trademark of leaders. We reach a capacity of 120 MW a year, but we do not forget about the quality of our products. We check each module twice by carrying out electroluminescence tests. We control the quality of soldering of photovoltaic cells, check cells for geometry, structural damage and microcracks. At the final stage of production, we verify electrical parameters using the solar simulator (Class A+A+A+). Thanks to this, we can be sure that the products coming from our factory are free of hidden defects and have the rated power proper to their specifications.


The quality policy plays a leading role in the activities and development strategies of our company, and this is why Bruk-Bet® Solar products are certified, as such certificates are crucial in the PV industry. As the only manufacturer in Poland and one of the few in Europe, we tested our products in extreme conditions causing accelerated ageing that reflect the actual tear and wear of the module after 25 years of operation. Although this is not a market standard, we have doubled the test procedures, which is why we are convinced that our products will ensure your safety, a quick return on investment and trouble-free use. Our words are confirmed by certificates from the independent research unit.

Each customer can get access to a report containing electrical parameters from the solar simulator and photographs taken during the electroluminescence test

High quality of PV panels is our primary goal in striving to strengthen the recognition with the status of a trusted partner


During the test, the PV module is placed in a climate chamber, in which the ageing speed of the unit is tested. Thanks to testing, we can determine how PV panels behave over the next several years in standard weather conditions. The obtained certificate confirms the capacity of the PV module to operate during rapid temperature changes (from 85°C to -40°C)


The purpose of the test is to verify the resistance of the photovoltaic panel to moisture penetration at the high temperature (85°C, relative humidity at 85%). In accordance with standards, testing takes place for 1000 hours. Our module has been tested in extremely severe humidity and temperature conditions for up to 2000 hours. As a result, the obtained certificate fully confirms the quality of the components used and the perfectly performed process of module laminating.


As part of the Bruk-Bet® group that has been operating on the market for 35 years, we promote the safety of our customers. We are the only PV manufacturer in Poland, who, along with the product, provides the personal Customer with a warranty card. It is a cutting-edge solution on the market, thanks to which the Customer can feel secure while using the modules.

Product guarantee – up to 25 years.

Power guarantee – up to 25 years.

Company’s business for 35 years.

The quality of our products is fully reliable and certified. We keep detailed records of all modules held for sale. Upon the Customer’s request, we provide a report containing photographs from the Flash Tester with parameters and photographs from electroluminescence tests. The owner of Bruk- -Bet Solar® modules can obtain comprehensive information that will confirm the quality and power of PV modules. We also offer free technical support after the purchase of our products, by which our experts are at the Customers’ disposal.


Photovoltaic modules are a choice for years. When making a decision, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. Below we suggest what you should really know you before buying.

  • First of all, the price should not be the main determinant of the decision.
  • Verify which certificates the chosen product holds.
  • Learn more about the origin of the components and their quality.
  • Ask for tests to be carried out during the production process. Ask for a report from the solar simulator and photographs resulting from the electroluminescent test.
  • Get a list of reference systems that were developed in your neighbourhood. You will be able to check their quality yourself and obtain advice on them.
  • Check the manufacturer’s offer in terms of the warranty – not only related to the unit itself, but also to the power.
  • Last, of all, check where the PV panel is manufactured. In the case of a complaint, make sure you will not encounter problems when contacting the manufacturer.



  • 2×3,2 mm Classic – without a frame, application by a standard socket or an edge socket
  • 2×2 mm – Ultra Light with the anodized aluminium frame
  • Nivo – active modules on both sides / 2 active surfaces providing higher power up to 400W from 60 cells

*depending on the assembly method (inclination angle, the surface structure under the installation)


  • 60 cells – 285-320W, efficiency – over 19.7% Cells with 5 5-BB conductive paths, made in PERC technology. 3.2 mm thick glass with anti-reflective coating Dimensions (LxWxT) 1640 x 992 x 40 mm Weight 18.1 kg Number of modules in the package: 26 pieces
  • 72 cells – 350-385W, efficiency – over 19.7% Cells with 5 5-BB conductive paths, made in PERC technology. 3.2 mm thick glass with anti-reflective coating Dimensions (LxWxT) 1960 x 992 x 40 mm Weight 21.3 kg Number of modules in the package: 26 pieces


  • 60 cells – 270-280W, efficiency – over 17.22% Cells with 5 5-BB conductive paths, made in PERC technology. 3.2 mm thick glass with anti-reflective coating Dimensions (LxWxT) 1640 x 992 x 40 mm Weight 18.1 kg Number of modules in the package: 26 pieces
  • 72 cells – 320-340W, efficiency – over 17.49% Cells with 5 5-BB conductive paths, made in PERC technology. 3.2 mm thick glass with anti-reflective coating Dimensions (LxWxT) 1960 x 992 x 40 mm Weight 21.3 kg Number of modules in the package: 26 pieces


Due to the wide range of Bruk-Bet Solar products, every Customer can find in our offer suitable solar solutions, adapted to their needs. Bruk-Bet® Solar manufactures modules using three types of electro insulating foils: white, black and transparent. Each of them is extremely resistant to weather conditions and features the low fire rating class. Personalization of the module is also carried out at the level of the frame, which is made of anodized aluminium, coming in black and silver colours, thanks to which the PV panels may become a design item of the building’s structure. As a premium module manufacturer, we offer PV panels coming with two options of connection sockets – standard and optimized. Choosing a socket with optimization, we are sure that the panels will provide maximum power in all operating conditions. This intelligent solution helps eliminate the problem of hotspots, failures of bypass diodes, as well as it isolates the impact of cells degraded by the PID effect. In addition, if the PV module is shaded, the tool dramatically increases the energy yield provided by the entire solar system.

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