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Stretched ceilings

Innovative technologies, friendly to you and your family.
Stretched ceilings
You do not need scientific studies to understand, that the places where we spend most of our time – home, work, office – are of great importance in perspective to our performance and well-being.
Each of us knows that the basic and most often used sense is vision.
Technology of stretched ceilings gives us unlimited possibilities in the form of a combination of techniques, like digital photography, LED lighting and more, which allows you to create comfortable conditions for work and leisure.
The technology of stretched ceilings is a combination of several unique elements:
* The outer material, which has unlimited color options and can be surface or spot mounted. In addition, it is distinguished by its functionality and ease of assembly, which can be carried out without unnecessary specialized equipment or machines.
* Durability (15 years warranty on surfaces). Additionally it prevents the spread of fire, as the material used is non-flammable.
* Waterproof. Correctly mounted stretch ceilings can prevent flooding of rooms in which they are installed by creating a tight membrane, which, after proper drying, returns to its original state.
* Aluminum profiles (25-year warranty) They do not require maintenance, painting, de-rusting or cleaning. Variety of designs. Possibility of mounting in various configurations – arches, wheels and others.
In addition, the specificity of the technology used allows:
– Ease of changing the surface without having to change profiles.
– Reduction of expenses due to unrivaled price in relation to standard solutions (gypsum, coffers, panels).
– Unlimited configuration options tailored to individual customer requirements.
We invite you to shop at All4Home.ie. We will also be happy to answer all your questions.

Stretched ceilings
Ceiling with integrated LED lights under ceiling layer

Stretched ceiling
Ceiling with integrated lights

Ceiling with integrated lights - image
Ceiling with integrated lights

Stretched ceiling
Multi level white stretched ceiling

Stretched ceilings
Black and white multi level stretched ceiling

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