Underfloor heating – comfort and savings

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Underfloor heating – comfort and savings

When heating rooms, the heat exchange between the heating device and the environment occurs primarily in two ways: by infrared radiation (like the sun does) and by convection.
Thermal infrared radiation is the transfer of energy from the source – of which is everything with a temperature above absolute zero (–273.15 degrees Celsius).
Convection is the transfer of heat, i.e. the heat exchange that occurs as a result of body movement (in this case air in the room).
Unlike conventional radiators, a heated floor heated gives off heat mainly by radiation.
It has a positive effect on the feeling of thermal comfort for people staying in rooms heated in this way.
Underfloor heating is a pleasure and a warming experience, if you don’t have one, you probably bees somewhere where you could feel it.

When the floor is warmer, less heat from our bodies radiates towards it, so less heat from the environment is needed.

That’s why the room can be kept at a temperature of about 2 ° C lower than in the case of convection heating (ordinary radiators) and still feel thermal comfort.

Due to the low temperature of the underfloor heating surface compared to radiators, air circulation in the room is much lower, so is less cleaning. This is also an important advantage for people allergic to dust because it is not heated on the surface of the radiator (this happens at temperatures above 55 ° C), it is also less irritating.

Infrared heating compared to convection heating

Our Infrared electric foil heating system cost from €50 per square meter and could be installed even in just one room, and just in 1 or 2 days with separate heating thermostats in each room.

Cost of electricity when you using this system is very similar to running cost of gas heating system.

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